A Guide to Concrete Coatings

Concrete is a composite material used to create indoor and outdoor flooring, and building structures that withstand wear and tear over decades of time. This material has an incredible durability, as seen in places like the Hoover Dam and Roman Pantheon. However, it is not flawless, particularly with daily activity. With the addition of coatings, […]

Idexx Pharmaceuticals – Laboratory and Manufacturing Floor Coatings – Portland Me

Idexx Pharmaceuticals built a west addition in 2009, doubling their production space at their corporate headquarters in Portland, ME. Much of their production space has historically been vinyl tile, but they were looking for a lower maintenance alternative. Working together with ICS (Industrial Concrete Services) Idexx, selected a thin mil, high traffic concrete coating system […]

Concrete Floor Refinishing – Boston Scientific – Boston Ma

  Entire concrete floor rehabilitation summer 2012 This 730,000 sq.ft. building was an entire gut job of a vacant 50 year old building. The floor had years of old sealer, lines, bolt holes and even metal tracking throughout. We polished the floor to 200 grit finish in the warehouse and 800 grit finish in the […]

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Not a lot of property owners would think to invest in concrete flooring because of its traditional drab looks. But concrete has come a long way from being plain and rough underfoot. Thanks to stained concrete, more creative designs and styles have made concrete more attractive. Now, home and business owners can enjoy a more […]

The Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

The bumps, bruises, and depressions on your floors can be remedied via concrete resurfacing. You will need to hire a concrete flooring company that provides concrete resurfacing services. The concrete resurfacing services which ICS offers will rehabilitate the concrete floors of your corporate building, warehouse, or retail space, or other concrete flooring structure that you […]

Proprietary Concrete Floor Grinding Technology Allows for Continuous Operation

Proprietary Concrete Floor Grinding Technology Allows for Continuous Operation The constant rate of technological advancement is allowing work to be done faster and better in every industry such is also the case in the industrial flooring solutions such as concrete coatings concrete polishing, epoxy coatings, concrete grinding and concrete resurfacing. Newer and more advanced machines […]