Not a lot of property owners would think to invest in concrete flooring because of its traditional drab looks. But concrete has come a long way from being plain and rough underfoot. Thanks to stained concrete, more creative designs and styles have made concrete more attractive. Now, home and business owners can enjoy a more unique look with colored concrete. But stained concrete is not the sole reason why concrete is steadily being used in homes and offices. Concrete polishing has allowed this flooring material to adorn the hippest and classiest establishments. From homes to offices, patios to concert halls, concrete polishing can transform any indoor or outdoor space into striking venues fit for all occasions.

Improved Appearance

Concrete floor polishing gives any space a very attractive sheen, instantly making areas look friendlier, cleaner and more organized. These advantages can do a lot of wonders to spaces of any size. Even the smallest rooms can appear grand and important because of polishing. Concrete polishing gives the floor a character and value, allowing it to perform at par with the more expensive granite flooring. A polished floor is also an invitation for guests to enter the property. Whether the concrete polishing is done inside a house or in the office, visitors will surely feel welcome and step in without any hesitations. Owners will also find that guests will marvel at the interior’s clean, refined look. Soon they would end up lauding the owner’s attention to the establishment.

Better Lighting

Aside from bringing the best out of the concrete’s color, polishing concrete also gives it a finish that makes it look brighter under the lights. This is due to the polished floor’s high reflectivity, and in a solid surface like concrete, this will mean maximum surface reflection. Regardless whether the house or the office depends on indoor or outdoor lighting, concrete polishing sets off a brilliant glow that lights up these spaces evenly. This means that business and homeowners can save up on indoor lighting for most of the day, as long as the weather is clear outside and sunlight is generous in their properties. The reduction in electricity costs can also grant huge savings for bigger venues like hotel lobbies, restaurants and similar establishments.

Enhanced Protection

Concrete polishing can leave a lot of benefits to the floor itself. Polishing the concrete means leaving out the use of waxes and other surface coatings that are harmful to the environment. In addition, the surface of a polished floor becomes more solid. This means that it becomes highly resistant to moisture infiltration, the primary culprit behind fractures and cracks in unpolished concrete floors. Polishing also makes the concrete more impervious to skid marks and tracks left by shoes and carts. This protection will mean better savings in the long run. Unpolished concrete usually ends up needing replacement due to excessive wear and tear. In contrast, polished concrete leads to longer life.

Easy to Maintain

One wonderful advantage of concrete polishing is that the owners of the establishment need not worry too much about the maintenance of the floor. Polishing makes the floor resistant to unpolished concrete’s most serious problems. This means that the need for repair, replacement and even re-polishing is rare and reducible to zero. All the owners have to do is to dust and mop the floors and they are as good as new. This leaves the owners with huge savings that unpolished concrete may otherwise easily drain in the event of damage. Scratches and other unwanted marks on the floor are also reduced, leaving the owners feeling more assured about the quality of their floors at all times.

How to Get Concrete Polished

The polishes that a concrete floor polishing company can do depend on the level of sheen the owner wants for his or her establishment. Once the specification has been set, the company makes use of heavy duty grinders and other methods of application to reach the level of sheen the client specified. Concrete polishing is a multi-step process that requires expertise. This means that not anyone can do it. But owners who are interested in keeping their concrete floors elegant and who don’t have time to think too much about maintenance should hire the service of a concrete floor polishing contractor.

Since polishing of concrete floors may happen on a huge scale, owners must make sure that the contractors they get are the most reliable. Polishing is a very thorough project – to meet the desired result at the given timetable, the contractor must be knowledgeable and must be professional at all times. Home and business owners are also advised to shop around for estimates and to check for recommendations before hiring a contractor. It helps to remember that the resulting polish is only as good as the workmanship of the contractor.

Concrete Flooring Service Area

ICS provides concrete solutions to all of the northeast. Here is a small list of cities and towns where we have completed many industrial and commercial concrete flooring applications.

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