Concrete Dye and Stain

Concrete dye and stain has been around for a while, however, with the advancement of the products and the explosion of polished concrete floors, they are becoming a much larger segment of our business.  We have moved completely towards dying floors as the process is much simpler and less expensive and the results in our experience significantly better.  Some people may have had a different experience, but we will concentrate on dying based on our experience.


Dye and Stain Application Process

Typically concrete dyes and stain come ready to be applied in one of two ways, either diluted in water or acetone.  We feel the acetone dyes penetrate deeper and produce a better floor.  We can also keep the left over dye for future use.  Obviously, proper handling of the product is very important.  Dyed floors when combined with some level of floor polishing tend to give you your maximum wow factor.  All of the floors we dye  incorporate a polishing system, the dye and then some type of topical stain retardant sealer that enhances the color and shine, as well as, affords additional protection to the finished floor.  Dyes or stain left unprotected without some type of protection are subject to being trafficked off the floor.

If you haven’t seen or done a dyed floor before you may want to consider hiring a prequalified contractor to perform your job.  The equipment for dying a floor is pretty simple but the process of making it look good can be challenging.  ICS has done 500,000 sq.ft. of both stained and dyed floors and we can help you make the right choices when it comes to how to picking the best dye manufacturers, equipment suppliers and ,if needed, the right contractor.


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