Do You Have to Grind Concrete Before Epoxy?

Epoxy coatings can transform damaged, dull concrete into a durable, watertight, chemical resistant floor with a smooth, flawless, and attractive surface. However, before installing an epoxy coating on your concrete, the floor must be properly prepared. Concrete floors need to be cleaned, repaired, leveled, and scarified before applying epoxy, and grinding the concrete is an […]

Polished Concrete Flooring for Industrial & Commercial Facilities

If you want to make sure your facility has all of the protection it needs, consider installing polished concrete flooring. You’ll be able to protect your flooring from many different types of damage and avoid the need for frequent maintenance with high-quality polished concrete that maximizes its longevity. Polished concrete is an excellent option for […]

What can ICS do for your company?

Concrete Flooring Company Specializations As a company who often works with corporate clients, our concrete contractors can provide a wide range of concrete floor solutions. For new concrete installation and existing concrete updates, we offer concrete coatings that can provide waterproofing, non-slip finish, and protect your floors from a wide range of hazards. These finishes can be customized […]

Concrete Floor Waterproofing Myths

Concrete floor waterproofing is a beneficial option for businesses. It can protect the floors from damage, lengthening the time before repairs or replacement is necessary. This process is technical, but not prohibitively expensive. With the right equipment and plenty of experience, a qualified professional can help your business protect its floors. As a business owner […]