Heavy-Duty Flooring for Auto Shops, Dealerships, Manufacturing, & More

When it comes to automotive facilities such as auto shops, dealerships, and manufacturing plants, having durable and reliable flooring is crucial for ensuring a safe and efficient workspace. Heavy vehicular traffic, heavy machinery, and exposure to chemicals and oils require flooring that can withstand constant wear and tear without compromising safety. Heavy-duty flooring from ICS Coatings is the ideal solution for such facilities, as it is specifically designed to handle the rigorous demands of the automotive industry. This type of flooring provides a slip-resistant surface, is easy to clean and maintain, and can withstand heavy loads, making it ideal for a variety of automotive facilities.

Benefits of ICS Coatings’ Automotive Flooring Solutions


Flooring in automotive facilities is designed to withstand heavy machinery, vehicular traffic, and exposure to chemicals and oils. It is durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.


Automotive industry flooring from ICS Coatings provides a slip-resistant surface that reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace. It helps to prevent a variety of accidents, which can cause injuries to employees and damage to vehicles.

Chemical Resistance

Automotive flooring is designed to resist damage from chemicals and oils commonly found in automotive facilities. This helps to extend the lifespan of the flooring and reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Reduced Noise

Some types of automotive flooring are designed to absorb sound, reducing noise levels in the workplace. This can create a more comfortable and productive working environment for employees.

Low Maintenance

Automotive flooring is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for busy facilities. With regular, simple cleaning and maintenance, the flooring will maintain its appearance and functionality for many years.

Improved Aesthetics

Flooring solutions from ICS Coatings enhance the appearance of automotive facilities, creating a professional and welcoming environment. This can help to improve the image of the facility and create a positive impression on customers.


ICS Coatings’ automotive flooring solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of different facilities. This includes customization of color, texture, and design, allowing facilities to create a unique look that reflects their brand and style.

Satisfied Customers

Automotive Industry Flooring Customers

Here is just a sample of the thousands of satisfied customers and successful projects ICS has completed over the past 20 years. Anyone listed here will (or has) provided us a 5-star referral. If you choose ICS, we promise to do a great job for you too!


Automotive Companies Served

  • Bailey Corporation, Seabrook NH
  • Brewer Automotive Corporation, Brewer ME
  • Darling Honda, Bangor ME
  • Down East Toyota, Bangor ME
  • Charlies Auto Mall, Augusta ME
  • Freudenburg Non Woven, Leominster MA
  • Freudenburg, Franklin NH
  • Herb Chambers Companies,
  • Mercedes Lynnfield MA
  • Mercedes Sommerville MA
  • Porsche, Boston MA
  • BMW, Boston MA
  • Toyota, Auburn MA
  • Cadillac, Providence RI
  • Honda, Auburn MA
  • Dodge, Danvers MA
  • Saab, Boston MA
  • Kelly Infinity, Danvers MA
  • Kingston Warren, Newfields NH
  • Lemforder Corporation, Brewer ME
  • Marty’s GMC Sales & Service, Kingston MA
  • Parker Hannifan Corp.- Nichols Automotive, Portland ME
  • Portland Volvo, Scarborough ME
  • Prime Auto Group, Saco ME
  • Textron Automotive Interiors, Farmington NH
  • Toyota, Waterville ME
  • Motor City, Saco ME
  • Clair VW, Saco ME
  • Bernardi VW, Natick MA
  • Jaffarian Volvo / Toyota, Haverhill MA
  • Pape Motor Group, Portland ME

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