The Best Concrete Resurfacing Solutions

Concrete resurfacing products come in a variety of different designs each targeted at fixing different problems. Most resurfacing projects are trying to fix some type of concrete surface delamination or deterioration problem. ICS specializes in the rehabilitation of concrete floors, but the principles of concrete repair are similar for all surfaces.

Preparation for Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Preparation is undeniably the cornerstone of any successful concrete floor resurfacing project. To ensure a durable and long-lasting result, proper surface preparation is crucial.  ICS Coatings employs a variety of specialized equipment to achieve the desired preparation profile before applying the resurfacing product.

Chipping Hammers

Chipping hammers are powerful tools used to remove deteriorated or loose concrete from the surface. They are particularly effective for addressing areas with significant damage, such as spalls or cracks. Chipping hammers break away the damaged concrete, creating a sound and clean substrate for the subsequent resurfacing application.

Diamond Hand Grinders

Diamond hand grinders, equipped with abrasive diamond blades, are versatile tools used for refining and smoothing uneven or rough surfaces. They are especially useful in hard-to-reach areas or smaller sections that require precise preparation. Diamond hand grinders can be employed to remove minor imperfections and prepare the surface for the next steps of resurfacing.

Walk Behind Grinders

Walk behind grinders are heavy-duty machines that can cover larger surface areas efficiently. They are equipped with diamond grinding discs that effectively remove surface contaminants, adhesives, or old coatings. Walk behind grinders provide consistent and even preparation, ensuring a uniform surface for the resurfacing product.


Shotblasting is an abrasive method of surface preparation that involves propelling steel shot at high velocities onto the concrete surface. This process effectively removes surface contaminants, laitance, and other impurities, leaving a clean and roughened profile ideal for promoting strong adhesion of the resurfacer product.


Scarifiers, also known as milling machines, are equipped with rotating cutters that penetrate the concrete surface, effectively removing coatings, thinset, or other unwanted materials. They create a textured profile on the concrete, promoting excellent bonding of the resurfacing material.


Shavers are specialized machines designed to remove precise amounts of concrete from the surface. They are particularly useful when the existing concrete surface is in relatively good condition but requires minor adjustments to achieve the desired profile.

The decision on how and when to use each of these machines is often based on the contractor’s past experience and the specific requirements of the project. Our experienced contractors assess the condition of the concrete, identify its unique needs, and select the most appropriate equipment to achieve the desired preparation profile. At ICS Coatings, we own and operate all of these machines daily.

Types of Concrete Resurfacing Products

Choosing the right product like epoxy trowel downs, decorative quartz, shop floor, urethane trowel down or self-leveling cementitious overlays are also critical decisions in making sure your job comes out professionally and stands the test of time.  ICS has performed thousands of repairs and jobs in every aspect of concrete floor resurfacing, and we can help you make the right choice for your project.

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