During both hot and cold weather batching processes, it is essential that the water is added to the concrete mix in the right quantity and at the right temperature. The water is heated, usually via a 100Kw boiler, and then pumped directly into the 6,000 litre storage tank at the batching plant. To achieve a constant source of temperature-controlled water, a plant would not need to invest in a boiler. Water temperature affects fresh and hardened properties of concrete, as well as its thermal cracking potential. Water intake cannot be too cold as the concrete will not be accepted at source for laying procedures. A hired boiler would suffice – some plants may be temporary and therefore not require a permanent source of heat.

When polishing, you can choose standard solutions or diamond options. Diamond polished floors are pricey but they last longer. They are also good for areas with very high human traffic such as office floors.

Factors That Make Polished Concrete Floors Necessary

When it comes to Industrial space, every aspect of the building matters. Cost, safety, productivity, and performance are all major factors. The factory and warehouse floor must perform on several different levels. Today Polished Concrete, Epoxy, and Polyurea surface treatments are being chosen again and again because they deliver. Let’s take a look at the many advantages these concrete floors offer industry.

Concrete polishing New York pads are the niche flooring concept with a technique that makes floor flawless, durable and long lasting. People are after a look that has some more character and craftsmanship. There is a growing trend toward polishing your flooring with these diamond pads.

With the modern methods of polishing and treating your flooring, there is no sacrifice in beauty when selecting these tools. You can easily find assortments of diamond polishing concrete pads and other essential tools from the online dealer manufacturer or distributor. These machines and tools are ideal to remove the surface paste and expose the stronger concrete breath. The result is a stronger, shiny, and beautiful polished floor.

Polished concrete is a long-lasting solution due to its unique durability. This long-lasting floor will not need to be refinished, disposed or replaced. It is a lifetime solution; therefore it eliminates waste, without using a vast amount of resources that it takes to install new flooring, like VCT, laminate or epoxy.

Types of Facilities That Need Polished Concrete Floors

High traffic areas especially hallways, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, automotive shops, showroom floors, residential interiors, garages, hospitals, airports and other commercial floor applications hold up better and last longer with polished concrete. Not only are polished surface require occasional damp mopping but they can resist ugly marks. They also mitigate the need for messy cleaning or coatings as well as reduce the cost of labor, time and overall expense. In addition, the downtime required for the polishing process is minimal, and service or traffic on the surface can start almost immediately.

It is after smoothing the concrete; you need to apply a sealant to increase the shine you’ve managed to achieve from the diamond polishing pads. Also, finishing process helps to protect the floor from recurring wear and tear making it highly durable, long lasting and shiny.

concrete polishing

If the existing floor surface needs to be solidified and densified, the contractor might apply penetrating hardeners to the concrete. This usually happens after first stage of the grinding process. The hardeners can be used on both existing or new floors and react chemically with the concrete to result in a hard crystalline structure. In addition, the hardeners offer extra protection from staining and water penetration and also prevent the concrete dusting.

At ICS, we are dedicated to providing customers with top-quality polished concrete floors and other solutions for flooring. We use only the best materials to complete each project, making sure that each floor is capable of withstanding damage of all types. Your facility will benefit from additional protection while also helping you save money in the long run. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your facility.

Whether you need concrete floor polishing or another service that we offer, you can contact us today to discuss your project and we’ll get started on a complete solution for you.

Concrete Flooring Service Area

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