Hygienic Flooring for Food & Beverage Processing Plants, Factories, & Facilities

Flooring solutions for the food and beverage processing industry are tailored to meet the industry’s stringent requirements for hygiene, safety, and durability. These facilities demand flooring that can withstand heavy equipment, high foot traffic, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to water, chemicals, and food byproducts. The flooring needs to provide a seamless and non-porous surface to prevent the growth of bacteria and contaminants, and slip resistance to prevent accidents in wet and slippery conditions. The flooring should also be resistant to chemicals, acids, and cleaning agents commonly used in these environments, while thermal resistance is necessary in handling temperature changes without damage or deterioration. That’s why ICS Coatings provides flooring solutions that are durable, easy to clean and maintain, meet strict hygiene standards, and comply with regulatory requirements—ensuring a long-lasting and reliable flooring solution for your food or beverage processing facility.

Benefits of ICS Coatings’ Food & Beverage Flooring Solutions

Hygiene & Sanitation

Floor coatings provide a seamless and non-porous surface that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and contaminants. They can be easily cleaned and sanitized, ensuring a hygienic environment for food processing and preparation.

Chemical Resistance

Floor coatings are resistant to chemicals, acids, and cleaning agents commonly used in the food and beverage industry. This resistance protects the flooring from damage and deterioration caused by exposure to these substances.

Slip Resistance

Many floor coatings can be formulated with slip-resistant additives or textures to enhance traction and prevent slips and falls in areas prone to wet or oily conditions, reducing the risk of accidents.


Floor coatings are designed to withstand the heavy demands of the food and beverage processing industry, including heavy foot traffic, impact from equipment, and thermal fluctuations. They offer long-lasting performance and durability, minimizing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Easy Maintenance

Floor coatings provide a smooth and non-porous surface that is easy to clean and maintain. They resist stains, spills, and food byproducts, simplifying routine cleaning procedures and reducing maintenance costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Floor coatings can help facilities meet regulatory requirements for food processing, such as the FDA’s regulations. They provide a hygienic and compliant flooring solution that aligns with industry standards.


Floor coatings offer a range of options for customization, allowing facilities to choose colors, patterns, or finishes that align with their branding or design preferences. This enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the facility.


Floor coatings can be formulated with anti-microbial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria and promote a safer working environment. This helps reduce the risk of food contamination and improves overall safety for employees and consumers.

Environmental Considerations

Some floor coatings are available with low VOC (volatile organic compound) formulations, promoting better indoor air quality and environmental sustainability.


Investing in high-quality floor coatings can result in long-term cost savings. They reduce the need for frequent repairs, replacements, and maintenance, contributing to overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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Food & Beverage Industry Flooring Customers

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  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Waterbury VT
  • Interstate Brands Corp., Biddeford ME
  • Karps, Georgetown MA
  • Schweitzer – Mauduit, Ancram NY
  • Wyeth Nutritionals, Inc., Georgia VT

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