The bumps, bruises, and depressions on your floors can be remedied via concrete resurfacing. You will need to hire a concrete flooring company that provides concrete resurfacing services. The concrete resurfacing services which ICS offers will rehabilitate the concrete floors of your corporate building, warehouse, or retail space, or other concrete flooring structure that you have. You will need quality concrete resurfacing services to make sure that your concrete surface will be back to its normal appearance.

Hiring a Concrete Resurfacing Company

You should not just hire any concrete resurfacing service company. Choose a quality concrete resurfacing service provider like ICS. ICS provides customers with quality services with 20 years and 50,000,000 sq-ft of experience. ICS ensures that the materials they use will not only rehabilitate your concrete surface, but will also make it last longer and stronger. This service company provides quality industrial concrete resurfacing services that you can count on.

ICS specializes in providing clients with top-notch rehabilitation services. You can be sure that ICS will be able to rehabilitate your concrete floors. ICS makes sure that each client gets proper customer support for the services that they receive. The customer support of ICS will answer questions and queries about resurfacing projects for your warehouse, corporate building, hospital, or other concrete structure. ICS has extensive knowledge about concrete resurfacing that will improve and rehabilitate your concrete surface whether it is for a school or corporate building.

Concrete Resurfacing Services

ICS provides clients with concrete resurfacing services that rehabilitate and improves the concrete surface of your floors. Preparation is a vital part in the concrete resurfacing service process. ICS ensures that all of the materials and equipment needed are in place before the project is begun. The equipment used is vital to the rehabilitation of concrete surfaces. The equipment used by ICS include chipping hammers, shotblasters, scarifiers, shavers, and diamond hand grinders to make sure that your rehabilitation project is done excellently. The equipment used ensures that your concrete floors are back to their normal appearance and performance. You will need to fix damaged floors  not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for support, operation of equipment and structural concerns.

Everything has been thought out before applying it to your project. The company chooses products such as decorative quartz, urethane trowel down, shop floor, epoxy trowel downs, and self-leveling overlays for your project. They break down the pros and cons of each product before applying it to your concrete floor. ICS’s  20 years of experience enables the company make the right choice when it comes to concrete resurfacing. ICS company makes sure that the concrete resurfacing project you have will be done professionally, efficiently, and quickly.

Advantages of Getting Concrete Floor Resurfacing Services

The advantages of completing a concrete resurfacing project are plenty. Concrete resurfacing projects ensure that the concrete surface of your floors is properly rehabilitated. You will need to rehabilitate the concrete surface of your building not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety. Holes on your floor will  affect the operation of equipment and can present a hazard to pedestrian traffic. . You can boost the look of your warehouse when you have those holes or bumps resurfaced. Resurfacing concrete floors will give a fresh, new, and modern look to your corporate building. Resurfacing your floors will not only rehabilitate them, but also reinforce them for the long haul. Resurfacing concrete will improve the defense against heavy weight, shock, temperature changes, and other factors that can lead to its deterioration.

Concrete Resurfacing Cost

The cost of resurfacing will depend on the extent of the work. You will end up spending more money if you do not consult with a company like ICS before you start a resurfacing project. You can get a quote from ICS by calling 877-856-5400 first to find out if your budget meets the resurfacing project your building needs. Other factors that affect the price of a resurfacing project includes the kind of equipment used and the materials used to resurface the concrete of your building.

Concrete Flooring Service Area

ICS provides concrete solutions to all of the northeast. Here is a small list of cities and towns where we have completed many industrial and commercial concrete flooring applications.

Portland, MaineBangor, MaineAugusta, Maine
Nashua, New HampshireManchester, New HampshirePortsmouth, New Hampshire
Boston, MassachusettsWorecester, MassachusettsSpringfield, Massachusetts
Burlington, VermontMontpelier, VermontSt. Johnsbury, Vermont
Providence, Rhode IslandWarwick, Rhode IslandCranston, Rhode Island
Hartford, ConnecticutNew Haven, ConnecticutStamford, Connecticut
New YorkNew JerseyPennsylvania