Proprietary Concrete Floor Grinding Technology Allows for Continuous Operation

The constant rate of technological advancement is allowing work to be done faster and better in every industry such is also the case in the industrial flooring solutions such as concrete coatings concrete polishing, epoxy coatings, concrete grinding and concrete resurfacing. Newer and more advanced machines are being built that allow for continuous operation which means work is done faster and on time thus saving a lot of resources such as time and money. ICS Concrete Coating is the concrete floor experts who are constantly committed to providing not only great concrete flooring solution but also built new concrete flooring technology. Recently they have introduced a new proprietary concrete floor grinding technology which allows for continuous operation named Blue Vac.

Blue Vac concrete grinder uses the highly effective Hepa Vacuum System which has a 3 Phase 460 volt soft start. This equipment is ICS designed and has been built with 3 stage filtration, high volume, high efficiency industrial rated blower with compressed air blow back filter clean out. All these features allow Blue Vac to be used for continuous concrete gridding operation. This is great because this benefit slashes the work duration to a great extent.  Concrete grinders come in various different shapes and sizes, each having different features that are suitable for different types of jobs; ICS has 20 concrete grinders from medium size to very large in size and has upwards of 10-12 grinders out in the field working every week. The company has also had a long standing tradition of building their own high quality concrete floor grinding equipment and other concrete flooring equipment from the ground up. Therefore when it comes to concrete grinders the vast experience ICS has through working with some of the biggest companies, enables ICS to help clients with all the products and equipment they would need to make the right choices for any job or project. People can consult the ICS concrete flooring experts to know whether the Blue Vac is the right equipment for them.

ICS Can Help with Concrete Floor Grinding Services

ICS has had over 2 decades of experience of providing industrial flooring solutions across the U.S, working for over half of the fortune 500 companies and are continuing to add new customers like Walmart, Delta, General Electric, Ace Hardware and Johnson & Johnson constantly. Over the years ICS has provided concrete coatings, concrete polishing, epoxy coatings, concrete resurfacing and other concrete flooring services for more than 2,000 customers and have completed over 5,000 jobs.

Regardless of the services you require, ICS is here to give you exactly what you need. Your business will benefit from a complete concrete flooring installation that lasts for many years. You won’t need to worry about your flooring being vulnerable to damage or wear with our top-quality solutions applied to your facility. We only use the best materials available for each floor, which helps guarantee that your flooring will resist wear and tear in some of the most hazardous environments.

While concrete floor grinding may not be the best option for all floors, we can provide you with the right service to ensure your flooring is capable of withstanding many different conditions. You’ll be able to find the services you need when you turn to ICS today.

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