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Concrete Solutions

Concrete Solutions is a very broad topic that can encompass everything you can apply to concrete or do to concrete.  ICS performs a large variety of processes and products to concrete depending on the use and needs of the floor.  First, we ask our customers what they are trying to achieve as a final look or use for the floor.  From that point, we can offer broad idea’s and rough price guidelines for each solution.  Typically, we can usually then narrow the available options down to 1 or 2. ICS’s available concrete solutions range from sealers, silicates hardners, epoxies, urethanes, polishing, dustproofing, grinding, waterproofing, repairing, dye and stains and painting.


Concrete sealers come in about 5 or 6 different types. Learn about each category...

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Epoxy coatings are probably one of the most versatile products in the industrial flooring industry.

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Concrete floor coatings come in a wide range of options. Each product is typically aimed...

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A process that can give you the look, shine and performance that best suits your...

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Dye and Stain

Dyed floors when combined with some level of floor polishing tend to give you...

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Waterproofing ICS


In order to make a surface waterproof or impervious to water it is necessary to...

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Resurfacing projects are trying to fix some type of concrete surface delamination or deteriation problem.

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Concrete floor repair problems can occur at the time the floor is poured or develop...

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Crack Repair

Cracks in concrete floors happen for a number of reasons, like subgrade settlement, premature slab...

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Floor Finishes

Depending on your desires, budget, durability, chemical or functional needs there are a large amount...

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Polishing Pad

Polishing pads can be used wet or dry and with a wide variety of equipment...

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Each of these solutions deserves its own explanation and has different preparation specifications, equipment needs, application techniques and costs associated with it.  On our other pages there are individual products and topics dedicated to each of these solutions and there highest and best use.  ICS has extensive knowledge of each of these solutions from our ongoing application of over 250 jobs per year.

If you are not sure what you need we are available to discuss what your floor’s specific use and application is and point you in the right direction.

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