Finding the right flooring solution for your industrial or commercial floor is an important choice. While you want to install a system that is reliable and suitable for the needs of your business space, you are also constrained by budget.

Epoxy coating systems are an excellent and affordable method of protecting industrial and commercial floors. High-quality epoxy flooring is extremely durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Additionally, in the long run, investing in epoxy resin flooring can even end up saving you money when compared to other flooring systems.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Cost per Square Foot

In general, epoxy floor coating systems are one of the least expensive options for industrial or commercial flooring protection.

Installation can cost anywhere between $2 and $12 per square foot on average. This estimate does not include formula additives or design upgrades; instead, it represents the labor and materials costs of installing basic epoxy flooring.

Another thing to keep in mind is that epoxy floor coating systems are versatile. A professional epoxy contractor can create a custom blend that suits the needs of your specific project requirements.

Factors Affecting Industrial Epoxy Flooring Cost

The price of industrial epoxy flooring can vary based on many different factors. However, regardless of the total cost per square foot, epoxy flooring has a wide variety of benefits and can last up to 10 years or longer—which justifies the expense.

Design Considerations

You can choose an epoxy floor coating that matches the color, style, and aesthetic of your business. Options include metallic epoxy and colorful coatings. Additionally, a professional epoxy contractor can add paint chips to your epoxy coating as well as dye or stain it to create a unique, aesthetically pleasing look and texture.

These design considerations may come at an additional cost.

Site Accessibility

Some job sites are more difficult to access. Others may make it challenging to transport the epoxy while on site—for example, if the concrete flooring is uneven or if there are a lot of stairs. These accessibility issues may increase the price point.

Condition of Concrete Floor

What is the current state of the concrete floor substrate? Since the epoxy coating will adhere to the floor, the concrete must be in good condition. If your substrate has cracks or holes, it may be necessary to invest in the labor and materials to repair or refurbish the concrete before installing the epoxy flooring. This additional expense will add to the project’s total cost.

Square Footage of Flooring Area

The size of the area that needs to be covered with epoxy will also impact the price. For larger areas, you can often purchase epoxy in bulk to lower the price per square foot or get an otherwise reduced rate. Still, larger rooms will require more labor and materials than smaller rooms, which makes them more expensive overall.

Number of Coats

Epoxy floor coating usually requires multiple coats, and each layer impacts the bottom line. Commercial and industrial spaces needing thicker epoxy flooring will need to pay for extra materials and labor.

Formula Upgrades

Epoxy floor coating formula can be upgraded to provide chemical resistance, slip resistance, antimicrobial resistance, water resistance, and more. While these protective features are one of the benefits of epoxy flooring, these formula enhancements will impact the final cost of your flooring project.

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