The floors of industrial facilities experience a lot of wear and tear, heavy loads, chemical or oil spills, foot traffic, and more. To protect these spaces, products like epoxy can be installed to create a strong, resistant, long-term floor coating.

Industrial epoxy flooring is the leading floor coating choice for industrial and commercial spaces. It is designed to enhance and preserve the concrete flooring of industrial and commercial spaces. When installed correctly, industrial epoxy floor coatings protect these industrial floors while also making them more attractive.

Are you ready to see the benefits of epoxy floors for yourself? Here’s a guide on how to install an epoxy floor in an industrial setting.

The Industrial Epoxy Floor Process

Concrete flooring with an epoxy coating is durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. However, epoxy flooring requires a careful preparation and application process in order to be effective.  

Although some workspaces and concrete floors require additional coats, repairs, or sanding, the general industrial epoxy floor process remains the same. An experienced floor coating contractor will follow these general steps when installing this strong, durable, resistant, and attractive product.

Step 1: Prepare the Concrete Surface

To properly apply an epoxy coating to a concrete surface, the floor needs to be moisture-free, level, clean, and scarified.

The first step is to remove any existing floor coating or paint from the concrete surface, since epoxy doesn’t merge well with other products. Then, the floor needs to be inspected for moisture. Be on the lookout for damp areas or other visible signs of moisture.

If there are any damaged parts of the concrete, they need to be repaired. Patch up holes and fill any cracks to make sure that when the epoxy is applied, it will look seamless on the floor. Additionally, level the floor with a grinder to remove any bumps, cracks, or holes.

Then, the floor needs to be cleaned of dirt, oil, grease, rubber marks, stains,

Finally, to ensure the epoxy coating reaches all the crevices of the concrete floor, shot blasting is often required. This process scarifies the concrete—creates ridges in the surface of the concrete to make it easier for the epoxy to go deep.

A smooth, level, clean surface will make it easier to apply the epoxy coating.

Step 2: Apply the Epoxy Primer

Once the concrete surface has been cleaned, repaired, and leveled, apply the epoxy primer, which is the first layer of epoxy. Epoxy is applied like paint, often with long paint rollers to ensure a smooth finish.

You will need to wait several hours for the epoxy primer to dry and settle—ideally overnight.

Step 3: Install the Epoxy Coatings

After the epoxy primer has completely dried, it is time to install the epoxy coatings. The process depends on the type of epoxy coating you selected, but generally you lay out the epoxy equally across the concrete.

Some floors or products require multiple coats of epoxy. You need to wait for the epoxy coating to dry and settle before applying the next layer. The drying process may take several hours based on the size of the project site, the condition of the floor, the temperature of the room, and the epoxy product used.

Step 4: Sand and Clean the Floor

Between each epoxy coating, the floor may require sanding to ensure that the coats properly adhere to each other. Then, after all the epoxy coatings the floor requires are installed, brush and sweep the concrete to ensure the finish is smooth.

Step 5: Administer the Top Coat

Finally, apply the final top coating. This finishing touch creates the smooth, solid, shiny look that epoxy floors are known for.

Get Expert Help with the Industrial Epoxy Floor Process

The industrial epoxy flooring process is often too difficult, complicated, and resource-heavy to DIY. Mistakes are costly, and properly installing an industrial epoxy floor coating requires expert knowledge. Instead, partner with a floor coating professional to assist you in installing your industrial epoxy floor.

No matter what type of epoxy floor coating you choose to install, expert epoxy flooring contractors can create an exceptional floor system for your industrial facility. By working with an experienced flooring contractor, you will guarantee your concrete floor will be protected for years to come.

Contact the Epoxy Flooring Contractors at ICS Coatings

ICS has been in the floor coating and polishing business since 1993. Today, we are a leading epoxy flooring company based in New England that serves industrial and commercial clients from a variety of fields.

Our team of experienced epoxy flooring professionals have the experience and knowledge required to get the best results. Whether you are a general contractor, public company, or private enterprise, ICS can create and install high-quality epoxy flooring that meets your exact specifications.

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