Epoxy coatings can transform damaged, dull concrete into a durable, watertight, chemical resistant floor with a smooth, flawless, and attractive surface.

However, before installing an epoxy coating on your concrete, the floor must be properly prepared. Concrete floors need to be cleaned, repaired, leveled, and scarified before applying epoxy, and grinding the concrete is an essential part of this preparation process.

Is Grinding the Concrete Floor for Epoxy Necessary?

Yes, grinding the concrete is essential before applying epoxy to the floor.

If you don’t grind the floor, the epoxy coating will not adhere to the surface, which means the coating won’t last as long or offer the full protective coverage epoxy flooring is known for. The resulting floor surface will also be uneven and bumpy, revealing any pre-existing damage.

Additionally, grinding the concrete removes any existing sealers, coating, or paints, leaving behind a smooth surface. These applications also impede the epoxy from securely adhering to the floor, so it’s important to grind the concrete before applying epoxy.

5 Benefits of Concrete Grinding Before Applying an Epoxy Coating

Grinding concrete before applying an epoxy floor coating has several benefits for commercial and industrial facilities.

1. Creates a Smooth, Durable Finish

To achieve the clean, durable finish of an epoxy floor, the concrete underneath must be smooth, level, and free of contaminants. Concrete grinding removes any stains or oils on the floor and results in a high-quality finish.

2. Ensures the Epoxy Adheres to the Floor

Grinding the concrete scarifies the floor surface, creating a rough surface. When the wet epoxy coating is applied, the roughness creates “teeth” that ensures the coating will adhere securely before drying. This process will also eliminate any previous coatings or paint, which can prevent the epoxy from sticking.

3. Removes Blemishes & Imperfections

The concrete grinding process removes blemishes like bumps, dips, cracks, scrapes, chips, warps, or crumbling spots—which will worsen over time and ruin your floor if you neglect these imperfections before installing an epoxy coating.

4. Restores Surface Damage

Concrete floors—especially in commercial or industrial facilities—suffer from constant abuse from foot traffic, heavy machinery, moisture, and other damage.

Before installing epoxy, the concrete must be restored. Grinding eliminates most surface damage, and for areas with significant issues, the grinding process is necessary in order to lay fresh concrete.

5. Extends the Life of the Epoxy Flooring

Grinding the concrete ensures the epoxy paint or coating will adhere to the floor, which extends the life of the protective coating and ensures your epoxy floor looks new for years to come.

How to Grind Concrete Floors for Epoxy

When it comes to preparing a concrete floor for an epoxy coating, concrete grinding is an important step. However, this process requires specialized equipment and expert knowledge to get the job done right.

To correctly grind the concrete, prepare the floor, install epoxy coating, and enjoy an attractive, durable, long-lasting concrete floor, talk to a local concrete expert or flooring contractor.

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