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Concrete paint is an option for covering and protecting floors. Under the right conditions, it can be a practical and affordable solution. Painted concrete floors will resist grease stains and dust.

Lighter colors can reflect light, brightening an area without the need for additional lighting sources. Aesthetically, painting a concrete flooris the easiest way to update an area quickly.

Some business owners may be hesitant to apply concrete paint. When done incorrectly, it can create a mess that is more trouble than it is worth. Repairing a bad paint job is tedious, particularly if the problem is uncertain. Here are three common issues that may arise and their solutions.

Peeling Concrete Paint

Peeling concrete paint is generally a sign that the floor beneath has too high of a moisture content. The paint cannot properly adhere to the surface.

To Prevent

Preventing concrete pain from peeling is a matter of testing the floor in advance. To evaluate the moisture content, place a small plastic sheet of any size on the floor.

Tape it down on all sides, and then check the underside after 48 hours. If there is a noticeable amount of moisture, the concrete may be too highly saturated. In some cases, this can be remedied by applying a concrete blocking agent before painting the floor.

To Repair

The most effective solution is to resurface the entire concrete floor. The top layer can be ground down with polishing tools to remove the damaged material. The floor can then be evaluated for moisture and the appropriate coatings applied.

Cracked Concrete Paint

If there are cracks in the paint, there are probably also cracks in the concrete. Close observation will reveal the severity of the damage.

To Prevent

All concrete cracks at some point, but most cases are minor. To prevent large cracks, protect floors by applying a concrete coating that is resistant to heavy traffic and impacts. Properly stabilize and fill any existing cracks before painting or applying other coatings.

To Repair

Large cracks can be filled and covered. A concrete mixture is used to fill in any gaps and ground flat. When the repair has completely cured, it can be painted to match the existing floor. In the event that the colors do not match completely, the entire surface may be repainted.

Stained Concrete Paint

Most paint intended for concrete floors is resistant to stains. If you are using paint to cover existing blemishes, they may still show through.

To Prevent

It is critical to properly clean a surface before applying paint or any type of coating. Polishing the concrete can remove any surface imperfections, but may change the texture of the floor. If the floor is in otherwise good condition, a strong cleaning agent may be sufficient to remove unattractive stains.

To Repair

The best method for covering a mild imperfection is to apply more layers of paint. Be sure that the paint used on the concrete floor is appropriate for everyday usage. Darker colors will hide stains better than light ones, but applying more coats can be beneficial.

ICS Coatings: Concrete Professionals

ICS Coatings has over two decades in the concrete resurfacing business. In that time, the team of contractors has installed and upgraded millions of square feet of concrete floors. They specialize in large flooring projects and understand the time constraints of big businesses.

As the concrete industry has adapted to new technology over the past few years, ICS Coatings has developed a number of proprietary machines that can simplify the construction project. They can ensure a project is completed efficiently with minimal clean up required.

Let an ICS Coatings contractor talk with you about your next project. Whether you need concrete paint applied to a floor or have a problem area that needs maintenance, they can create a solution that works for you. Fill out the Got a Project form to have a contractor contact you.

Contractor Availability Areas

Contractors regularly work in the following areas. Contact ICS to find out where else they can help.
• Albany, NY
• Providence, RI
• Bangor and Portland, ME
• Hartford and New Haven, CT
• Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, MA
• Nashua, Manchester, and Portsmouth, NH

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