The application of concrete paint has both an aesthetic and practical purpose. Paint, dye, and stains can add color to your concrete floors and is a popular addition with a concrete resurfacing project. The color can be applied quickly and the surface sealed as soon as it is dry. The result is an attractive like-new appearance. Paint is also a good option when you need to designate certain areas for a specific purpose. Here are six ways that concrete paint can improve your facility’s floors.

1. Direct Traffic in Shipping and Receiving

If your business is in the manufacturing or retail industry, you likely have a large shipping and receiving area. You need to be able to bring deliveries in and send shipments out. You may need to store things before unpacking and putting things away. If you have both foot traffic and machinery operating in your shipping area, it can be dangerous. Use colored lines to separate walkways and driving lanes. Designate specific sorting stations with colored blocks. This makes your facility organized without the addition of anything but a splash of color.

2. Make a Statement in Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing a customer or client sees when he or she enters your building. You want to make a great first impression, so a clean and attractive entrance is a must. Some companies choose to install marble, carpet, or other costly features in this area. However, if you are working on a concrete budget, there is no reason your floors cannot look attractive. Concrete paint is easy to apply and can be tinted to match existing décor. You can also use multiple colors to create patterns and texture for a unique look.

3. Create Color Coding in Large Facilities

Large buildings like hospitals and factories may have thousands of employees, not to mention visitors, passing through daily. It is easy for someone not familiar with the layout to get lost, particularly if every hallway appears identical. Use colored paint to direct people to different areas. You can use a simple striping system in multiple colors that will guide individuals on a path to the intended area.

4. Mimic Tile in the Dining Area

No matter your industry, your employees need to eat. There is no reason for the dining room to look exactly like every other part of the facility. The dining area or break room should be comfortable and homier than the work areas. With the application of just two or more paint colors, you can create the appearance of tile in a checkerboard pattern. You will have all the advantages of concrete – ease of cleaning and durability – while making the room stand out.

5. Refresh the Parking Lot or Garage.

Parking areas naturally see a lot of vehicle traffic on a daily basis. Whether covered or not, this place sees a lot of wear and tear, stains, and weather. A fresh concrete paint application can refresh your garage appearance and be practical at the same time. Paint can be used to direct traffic and mark directions. Highlight specialized parking for featured employees, handicapped access, and compact cars.

6. Cover Minor Imperfections Anywhere

Concrete is an incredibly durable material, but it is not immune to the damage of everyday use. Crack and other imperfections may need physical repairs. However, when the primary concern is the appearance of stains or light scratches, a fresh coat of paint will cover that easily. The surface will need a thorough cleaning and preparation, as well as sealing afterward to ensure it lasts.

See the Benefits of Using Commercial Concrete Floor Paint

These are just a few ways that you might choose to use commercial concrete paint in your business. This material is truly versatile and can be used in many other ways. Your business may have other needs and the limit is simply your creativity. Talk to a contractor to find out the options for your business.

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