If you are planning a new concrete floor project or need to make updates to an older installation, hiring a professional concrete flooring company a practical decision. A contractor will work with you from planning to execution to ensure all of your needs are met. He or she can help you make critical decisions and troubleshoot potential problems that may arise. Choosing a contractor to hire can be a difficult choice. After all, your intent is to have a finished product that will last for decades with minimal need for repair. Here are six tips for choosing a concrete flooring company.

1. Experience

Having extensive experience for the specific project for which you are hiring a contractor is important. In general, at least five years in business is a good sign. You can also ask potential companies about their experience in specific types of situations. For example, if you have a certain kind of damage to your existing concrete and are hiring someone to repair it, you want the company to have solved your particular problem multiple times. Most companies will provide references when asked and may even include client feedback on their websites.

2. Professionalism

Naturally, when you hire a professional you want him or her to be professional. A good concrete flooring company will do what any quality establishment would: be polite, return calls and messages promptly, and provide detailed information throughout the project. For a concrete flooring job, you may also wish to ask the company about the specific contractors who will be working on your project. Ask about specific training and certification that the contractors may have.

3. Equipment

One of the key benefits of hiring a professional concrete company is that it will have access to a wider range of tools and equipment that you would have to rent or purchase if completing the project yourself. Part of the initial evaluation should include an estimate of the equipment that will be needed. Ask if there are any additional fees for those items. If a contractor has to rent a specific machine, he or she will likely pass that cost on to you.

4. Ratings

Look for a construction company that is rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Although not all quality ones are listed, this is an excellent way to find out details about a particular business. The BBB defines what is considered ethical business practices and ranks included companies by these standards. You can read reviews and see information on any complaints against a specific business. Unlike user-generated review websites, the BBB investigates all claims to ensure they are reported accurately.

5. Safety

Safety on construction sites cannot be overstated. It is important that everyone have the appropriate experience and updated equipment.You can ask for information on current projects that you might be able to visit. It is also important to ensure a company has appropriate insurance, should any type of accident happen on your property.

6. Time and Money

Time and money are the two biggest factors in almost every business transaction. A contractor who can get a job done quickly at a low cost may be cutting corners where it will be a problem later. Ask for an estimate of the cost as well as the anticipated completion time. If you gather several quotes, compare them to be sure you are getting precisely what you are paying for and that it is worthwhile.

When you are ready to talk with a professional about your next concrete floor project, talk to the team at ICS. We have over 20 years of experience and have installed or updated over a million square feet of concrete floors. The combination of expertise, proprietary equipment, and dedication to a job well-done make ours the service you can trust. To get started, fill out the Got a Project form with some basic information about your project.

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