Concrete coatings include a variety of clear materials that cover a concrete floor surface. Concrete is practical in many industries, due to its affordability and durability. You might think of this as something only necessary in large warehouse facilities, but this is a practical solution for a number of industries. There are many benefits and depending on your business’s specific needs, concrete coatings might be the perfect solution. Here are six types of places where concrete coatings can be beneficial.

1. Healthcare

The healthcare industry covers a wide range of medical service locations, including clinics, hospitals, labs, and pharmaceutical companies. Concrete coatings provide several benefits in this type of work environment. They ensure a sanitary and non-skid floor that is easy to maintain. Floors can also be resistant to spills and durable through heavy traffic. If you need coatings installed throughout the building, each section can be industry compliant, from operating rooms to kitchens.

2. Food Services

Food services include restaurants and production facilities. Food handling requires attention to detail and that includes sanitation. Concrete coatings provide a floor surface that is resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals needed for a sterile environment. You need floors that are stain and spill resistant, as well as easy to keep clean. This is a practical solution for meat packing, bottling, bakeries, and more. For restaurants, the floors can be customized for special usage – the kitchen, storage areas, dining room, and bathroom – for optimum performance.

3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities include much more than warehouses. Concrete coatings may be appropriate in control rooms, loading docks, mechanical rooms, and assembly areas. Concrete coatings can strengthen your floors where heavy equipment is commonly used. This ensures a long lifespan with minimal concrete maintenance. Even in warehouse facilities, the floors can be customized to suit your specific needs through the application of colored lines to designate traffic lanes.

4. Wellness and Hospitality

The hospitality industry often focuses on comfort, whether that is in a hotel or a spa. Concrete coatings ensure that your facility is clean and requires only minimal attention to maintenance. Concrete floors can be polished before the coating is applied for a high-shine surface. Stains and dye are also a popular choice and can be customized to match your existing décor. Other options include the addition of textures, giving your floor the appearance of stone or brick beneath the coating. Install concrete coatings to make pool areas non-slip. Apply coatings to patio and outdoor walkways for low-cost attractive features.


Concrete coatings are common in big-box retail stores where maintenance needs to be simple. However, they are also a practical option in smaller businesses. The application of concrete coatings is a fairly simple process that can be done around your schedule. This ensures limited downtime for your store, as well as an ability to fit within your budget. Your floors are easy to clean and resistant to everyday hazards. Rather than replacing damaged concrete floors or installing more expensive alternatives, this is a practical way to update your building.

6. Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment includes everything from parks and playgrounds to miniature golf and theme parks. Concrete is the best solution for a large operation because it is strong and long-lasting. When concrete becomes cracked or chipped, it is easy to repair. Concrete coatings can extend the life of your sidewalks and public areas. Your floors can be smoothed to a matte finish to make them minimally reflective. Use the addition of colors between the concrete and coatings to designate zones or direct foot traffic.

No matter where you work and what type of business you do, concrete coatings can be beneficial. They are a simple and affordable way to protect your floors. At ICS, the contractors are skilled at finishing your floor project to meet your specifications. They have extensive experience in Portland and Bangor, ME; Portsmouth and Nashua, NH; and Springfield and Worcester, MA. If you are considering the addition of concrete coatings, fill out the Got a Project form for a personalized evaluation of your project. You can also subscribe to the ICS newsletter through the form in the right margin.

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