Concrete floor finishes add practical and aesthetic qualities to your concrete floor. No matter the industry in which your business operates, a quality flooring solution is essential. It helps employees maintain productivity with safety and efficiency. It also provides visitors with a look into your everyday functions and shows that you care about the details. Concrete is a durable material that, with a little maintenance, can last for generations. The quality of your concrete floors should not be a last though and these four concrete floor finishes are some of the most commonly used materials.

Depending on the type of flooring and facility you have, here are the basic types of concrete floor finishes that will work best. You’ll be able to see a difference when you install the appropriate floor finish for your property.

1. Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy is a clear mixture of two compounds. When combined, they solidify quickly and create a finished surface that is as hard as concrete. Epoxy is a popular option because it is so durable. Installation can take as little as a day, depending on the preparation needs. It will extend the life of your concrete and can be poured thick for extra strength against heavy loads. Epoxy is available in either clear or pigmented with a multitude of color options.

2. Urethane Topcoat

Urethane topcoat is a good option when you need to protect your floors in a high traffic environment. It can be pigmented, and comes in either a gloss or satin finish. Urethane comes in many forms, but the oil based aliphatic form is preferred as a topcoat to most epoxy systems. Urethane systems are also available for parking garage decks, and in a thick mortar for food production facilities.

3. Dye and Stains

Dye and stains both add a punch of color to your floor. While dye sits on the surface like paint, stains penetrate into the pores. There are several differences between the two that may affect your choice. Both can be tinted a variety of colors, though dye tends to be bolder when dry. Stains are easier to replace when necessary and are UV-resistant, making them the preferred solution for outdoor application. Dyes are recommended for indoor use only.

4. Flake and Aggregates

The addition of flake or aggregates can give your floors a high-quality appearance on a concrete budget. When you want to add texture before applying a clear finish, stone, broken tile, sea shells, and other elements can be added to the surface. Colored paint flake and quartz flake can be blended in varying amounts to give your floors a marble or rock appearance. Add interest without the hassle of a significant floor overhaul. Although often noted for its aesthetic benefit, the varying appearance of flake flooring can minimize dirt, stains, and scratches.

Determine Which of the Types of Concrete Floor Finish is Right for Your Facility

The type of concrete floor finishes you choose will depend on several factors, including usage, traffic level, and timeline. A professional contractor can help you determine your needs and choose the option that is the most practical and cost-effective. In many cases, a combination of two different finishes is appropriate. One of the clear coatings generally goes over a more aesthetic one to ensure that it is not damaged and is easy to maintain. ICS has over 20 years in the industry and is a leading company in the industrial concrete floor finishes business. Each construction project is given the attention and concern that is needed to ensure client satisfaction every time. To get a personalized evaluation in ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, or NY and talk to someone about your options, fill out the Got a Project form. Alternatively, subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on the latest trends and technological advances.

When you are ready to talk with a professional about your next concrete floor project, talk to the team at ICS. We have over 20 years of experience and have installed or updated over a million square feet of concrete floors. The combination of expertise, proprietary equipment, and dedication to a job well-done make ours the service you can trust. To get started, fill out the Got a Project form with some basic information about your project.

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