ICS has completed over 20 million square feet of concrete polishing projects, for a wide variety of applications. If you are considering getting concrete floor polishing in New Jersey, you need to make sure your flooring is compatible with this solution beforehand. Many people mistakenly believe that this solution is right for them even if the flooring is incompatible.

When to Get Concrete Floor Polishing in New Jersey

New floors are ideal for concrete polishing, but you should still take certain steps to ensure you get the best results, like wet curing the floor as soon as the floor has been replaced. If you want this solution applied to an older floor, you should determine if the texture and condition is right for this solution. Floors with tile or VCT on them will depend on the condition if you want to apply concrete polishing.

If the floor is in sufficient shape, you can then determine if concrete polishing can give you the results you want. Certain applications, such as those involving harsh chemicals, may not be suitable for concrete polishing because of the potential upkeep involved to maintain the floor’s shine.


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Reliable Concrete Polishing Contractors in New Jersey

Concrete polishing is a process that can give you the shine, look and performance that meets your needs and budget. ICS has completed hundreds of jobs, including higher-level projects and lower-level projects in locations like warehouses. We have our own specialized machinery to help increase speed and quality of each concrete floor polishing installation. We also have professionals with knowledge about the right densifiers, diamonds, vacuums and power sources to help customers get top-quality results. We have been innovative New Jersey concrete floor polishing contractors since we began, with the ability to help you make the right choice for your floors every time you work with us.

If you would like some of the best products and services for your floors, contact ICS today for assistance, and one of our professionals will be able to discuss your needs. As leading concrete polishing contractors in New Jersey, we can help you maintain efficiency and simplicity with every installation, providing you with the perfect solution.