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ICS has provided concrete floor polishing for over 20 million square feet for a wide variety of businesses and facilities over the last decade. Before beginning the concrete floor polishing process, you’ll need to determine if your floor is suitable for polishing. Many businesses schedule these services prior to a professional inspection of the floor, which could lead to insufficient treatments and wasted budget.

When to Consider Concrete Floor Polishing in Springfield

Concrete floor polishing is often ideal for new flooring, but there are some steps you should take if you want the best possible results, which includes wet curing during the first week immediately following floor replacement. Check the floor’s condition and texture to determine if you need to polish the floor and the best steps for completing the process. If the floor contains any VCT or tile, ensure the floor’s condition is right for polishing.

If the floor is in good enough condition to undergo polishing, you can then determine whether or not it’s the right process. If the environment isn’t ideal for polished flooring, there are other options you may want to consider in lieu of polishing, including other types of coatings that ICS can provide.

In addition to Springfield, we provide floor polishing services all across Massachusetts and the rest of the U.S.


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Reliable Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors in Springfield

As a top concrete floor polishing contractor in Springfield, ICS can provide you with a floor that appears and performs the way you want it to based on your available budget and specific needs. ICS has completed hundreds of projects for facilities such as low-level warehouses and more high-level locations. We have also manufactured our own machinery to help further improve quality and efficiency across all of our products and services. Our staff have extensive knowledge and expertise regarding the different types of diamonds, densifiers, power sources, and vacuums needed for each project to determine what you need. We have served as innovators in polishing since our establishment, with the combined expertise and experience needed to help ensure you get the best possible results with every project.

For some of the best products and services to complete nearly any floor polishing project, contact ICS at any time to discuss your needs and we’ll connect you with one of our industry professionals. You’ll be able to see the benefits of floor polishing and other flooring services when you turn to ICS.