ICS has completed over 20 million square feet of concrete polishing jobs for many different types of industrial and commercial applications. If you are looking for reliable concrete floor polishing in New Haven, you need to make sure your flooring is compatible with concrete polishing prior to getting these services. Many people believe that this service is right for their flooring when another service might be better suited for their application.

When to Get Concrete Floor Polishing in New Haven

New floors are the best floors for concrete polishing, but there are certain steps you can take to make sure you get the best results such as wet curing the floor immediately after replacement. If you want to apply a concrete polishing solution to an older floor, you’ll need to determine if the floor’s condition and texture are ideal for polishing. Flooring with VTC or tile will need to be in the right condition before applying concrete polishing.

If the floor is in decent shape, you can then decide whether or not concrete polishing will be the right service. However, certain applications such as those with a harsh chemical environment won’t be compatible with concrete polishing because of the upkeep required to maintain the flooring’s condition.

We provide these services in New Haven and many other cities in Connecticut, along with other states throughout the U.S.


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Dependable Concrete Polishing Contractors in New Haven

Concrete polishing is a unique process that can give your flooring the combined performance and appearance that meets your specifications and remains within your budget. ICS has completed hundreds of jobs for lower- and higher-level projects for a wide variety of commercial and industrial businesses. We have also developed our own specialized polishing equipment to help maximize both speed and quality for every installation. We also have experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand which densifiers, vacuums, diamonds, and power sources are right for each project to achieve the best results. We have been innovative New Haven concrete floor polishing contractors since our establishment in 1993 and can help you make the best decisions for your flooring.

To get started with a concrete floor polishing project in New Haven, contact ICS today for assistance and we’ll connect you with one of our industry experts to help you determine if this service is right for you.