Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete floor repair problems can occur at the time the floor is poured or develop over time from normal wear and tear.

Concrete floor problems range from very simple issues like bolt holes, spalls and cracks to very complicated ones like joint edge deterioration, rocking slabs and excessive dusting.

Each of the fixes to these varied problems can be equally simple or complicated to perform.  Cracks can be routered out and refilled.  Joints can be filled simply and efficiently if they aren’t badly deteriated. Spalls and bolt-holes can be quickly chipped out and filled easily.

However, rocking slabs is a very complicated and technical problem that needs the right product and equipment.  Badly deteriated joint edges may have to be chipped out, rebuilt and recut.

Excessive dusting is another big problem that is caused from an improper concrete floor installation and needs an extensive repair to grind the top layer of soft floor off and then redensify the concrete surface.  It is imperative all the soft concrete is removed. ICS has the right grinding and vacuum systems, as well as testing methods, to ensure this happens correctly and efficiently in a cost effective system.

ICS has extensive experience with each of theses problems and has fixed and repaired all of them 100’s of times.

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