As one of the leading Maine concrete floor polishing companies, ICS has provided more than 20 million square feet of polished concrete flooring for a wide range of customers throughout the last ten years. Before starting the concrete polishing process, you should determine if you floor is right for polishing. Many projects aren’t properly specified for polishing prior to an inspection of the floor.

When to Get Concrete Floor Polishing in Maine

Concrete floor polishing is great for new floor construction, but there are certain procedures that installers need to follow to ensure the best results, such as wet curing during the first week after flooring is installed. Older floors need to have the right texture and condition for concrete floor polishing. Floors with tile or VCT still on them need to have the condition of the floor determined before specifying polishing.

If the floor is in good shape, you can decide on the type of flooring that’s appropriate for your flooring. However, some applications may not be suitable for concrete floor polishing. These applications include facilities that have a harsh chemical environment that could cause the floors to wear over time.

We can provide flooring in all major cities in Maine, including:

  • Portland
  • Augusta
  • Bangor
  • Lewiston
  • Waterville
  • Kennebunkport
  • Biddeford

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Reliable Maine Concrete Polishing Contractors

Concrete floor polishing is an efficient process that can give your floors the shine, performance, and overall appearance that best meets your needs while staying within your budget. ICS has performed many types of installations in lower-level areas such as warehouses and other high-profile businesses. Our experts have developed our own equipment that can drastically improve the efficiency and quality of our concrete polishing services. We have the knowledge regarding the right densifiers, vacuums, diamonds, and power sources to make sure your project turns out the way you like. We have been the cutting edge of concrete polishing since it began and we can help you make the best decisions for your floors.

If you want some of the best services and products for concrete floor polishing, contact ICS today to discuss your needs, and one of our experts will be able to provide immediate assistance. As leading concrete floor polishers in Maine, we can help you make the process simple and efficient from start to completion. We have all of the equipment and resources required to cover every aspect of your projects, providing you with the perfect solution.