Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

ICS has done over 20 million sq.ft of polished concrete for hundreds of customers during the last 8 plus years.  First with concrete polishing, it is important to determine if your floor is suitable for polishing in the first place.  Many jobs are specified for polish even before anyone has seen the actual floor.

On new floor construction this should be fine, however, there are certain procedures to follow to get the best end result, like wet curing during the first week after the floor has been placed. On older floors it is important to see the texture and condition of the floor before deciding if and how to polish your specific floor.  If the floor still has VCT or tile on it you need to see the condition of the floor to set the proper polishing specification.

Assuming the floor is in good shape, you can then decide on what you want or need.  This is important, some people want the shiniest floor possible, but have an environment where maintenance becomes to costly or polishing will not stand up to their use, like in a harsh chemical environment.

Concrete Polishing is a process that in our belief can give you the look and shine and performance that best suits your wants and budget.  ICS has done hundreds of jobs where we polish to a higher level in higher profile areas and a lower level in areas like the warehouse.  We have developed our own specialized equipment to aid in the speed and quality of the installations of our polished concrete floors.  We have extensive knowledge of the right diamonds, densifiers, power sources and vacuums to ensure you project comes out professionally.  Our company has been on the cutting edge of polishing since it’s inception and we can help you make the right choices for your floor

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